"Changing our world through innovation and compassion"
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Our Company

Comfort Care Medical Supplies (CCMS) is a medical supply and DME facilitator in the health care industry. We specialize in making the health care system more efficient for our partners through relationships and custom tailored programs.  Our team puts together special programs to meet specific needs in the health care industry.  Our customers consist of insurance companies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals that have specific needs that cannot be accomplished without a partner.  We assess and create custom programs to identify and accomplish the specific need. Please call us today at 844-ASK-CCMS to see how we can meet your needs.

Our Leadership

It is our objective to change our world through innovation and compassion.  We believe that every act of compassion is changing our world.  Our team focuses on compassionately providing care for our customers.  We do this by engaging and communicating with the customer, providing supplies and equipment promptly, and going beyond the normal industry standards to meet the customers specific needs.
Our team also prides itself on utilizing the best technical software to organize and coordinate our information systems.  We understand that we cannot deliver compassion without technology.  Our technology allows us to access information instantly and ensures that all information is backed up and protected.  Our team has combined technology with compassion to meet our leadership objectives to change our world.

Our Goals

It is our long term goal to literally change our world through innovation and compassion.  We understand that business is about forming deep, trusting relationships.  We want to form relationships and partnerships all over the world. Our ultimate goal is to have an impact on the changing global healthcare system.  We want to have a compassionate impact on the future of our global health care system.


Product Vendors

At CCMS we carry a wide variety of medical supplies and equipment from the top manufacturers. Please see the links below to view the full manufacturer inventory.

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